Windsor Sprint tri 2011 - Glory for tri club :-)

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Windsor Sprint tri 2011 - Glory for tri club :-)

Post  neilc on Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:03 am

After last years near miss of a podium in my age group, i gave it ago again this year to try to at least get on the podium. Ended up winning it :-)

To say i was shocked is an understatement. Couldnt believe it and wouldnt until it was officially announced.

Started in the very first wave at 6am. Having woken at 4am, the cool water of the Thames soon woke us all up, thou 17C was so much warmer than Dawlish Warren.
Was happy with swim time, knocking 1m 20s off last year, and got thumped afew times ( a few strong returns of arms soon sorted that ) but went into T1 happy.

On exiting T1 to get on bike, hit my first problem. As i put my foot onto the pedal, i lost balance and fell off, oops !!. Didnt realise i had knocked my cadence/speed sensor into wheel , so about a mile up the road i had to stop to get it right. Then on a roundabout , i decided to do a complete circuit of it before returning and exiting the right exit. Most of the ride thou was on my own, picking off the people ahead of me out of the swim.

Back to T2 and a quick change went on to the run. Didnt have any idea how many were ahead of me so went off on a strong pace with the main aim of beating last years time and gaining that possible podium. Halfway around the first lap, a marshall shouted to me " come on number 2 ". Suddenly realised the runner ahead of me was the only one i had to catch. Game on i thought !!!

First thought was to get to him asap, but myself held back and gradually caught up to him slowly with the laps remaining. with about 1km left i was with him and let him pull me around. Was waiting for him to kick away, but he didnt and i guessed he had no faster pace. With 500m to go i went past and kicked for the line. A quick look behind to see if he was near and i crossed the line as Winner of age group ( 40-44) and the very first finisher of the day.

Beat last years time (1h 33 38 ) by just under 5mins in a time of 1hr 28m 56s and 6th overall in the Sprint race itself and had the fastest bike split of day too ,46m 08s

So all in all a great result for The Club and myself.


Neil C


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Re: Windsor Sprint tri 2011 - Glory for tri club :-)

Post  karen on Wed Jun 15, 2011 5:49 pm

Whooo-hooo!!! Fantastic result, Neil! Very well done!

Thanks for the race report - I always find it inspiring to read of the hurdles people overcome to get through their race.



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Re: Windsor Sprint tri 2011 - Glory for tri club :-)

Post  v50triathlete on Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:14 pm

Brilliant Neil!

I'll be up for that one next year, lets hope I can do the same in my age group....

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Windsor Sprint

Post  Ged on Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:27 am

Stonkin bike split! Fastest of the race Shocked , even taking into account the roundabout & speed sensor probs, and didn't panic sounds like you where under control right to the end. (They got you down in 40-44 cat) Well done............. Cool

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Re: Windsor Sprint tri 2011 - Glory for tri club :-)

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