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Timed Swims

Post  karen on Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:42 am

The second lot of our Timed Swims will take place next week on Monday 25th March, 7pm and 8pm, and Thursday 28th March, 8pm. Please bring a t-shirt/towel so you don't drip on the recording sheets, thanks!

I will ONLY be doing timed swims during these sessions, so please make every effort to attend one session. I will NOT be doing any timed swims the following week as we will be getting on with the next training set in our cycle, using our revised CSS times. Lane lists will be adjusted accordingly.

If you can't make it next week, you could do your own timed swim elsewhere. Swim a 5-10 min warm up, then do your 400 metres swim (max pace for the duration), then have a 10 min easy swim, then do a 200 metre timed swim at max pace. If you send me the results I can include you in our lane listings etc.


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