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Time trial time again Empty Time trial time again

Post  Nik on Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:12 am

For those of you interested in doing a bit of time trialling here are the dates this year.
You need to enter the open ones in advance the others are just turn up and ride (as long as you are club members (Tri club or any of the cycling clubs). Meet is the Crossways Tavern, near Fagan's Antiques, near Bradninch. £4 a ride.
Beats sitting on the turbo.
Marshalls are always needed and if lots of tri club members ride regularly then it would be expected,

08/05/2013 10 S26R/10 Sid Valley (OPEN)
15/05/2013 10 S26R/10 Exeter Wheelers(OPEN)
22/05/2013 10 Budlake C S Dynamo
29/05/2013 10 Budlake Sid Valley
05/06/2013 10 Budlake Exeter Wheelers
12/06/2013 10 Budlake C S Dynamo
19/06/2013 10 Budlake Sid Valley
26/06/2013 10 Budlake Exeter Wheelers
03/07/2013 10 Budlake C S Dynamo
10/07/2013 10 Budlake Sid Valley
17/07/2013 10 Budlake Exeter Wheelers
24/07/2013 10 Budlake C S Dynamo
31/07/2013 10 Budlake Sid Valley
07/08/2013 10 Budlake Exeter Wheelers
14/08/2013 10 Budlake C S Dynamo


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