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Post  karen on Thu May 09, 2013 7:58 am

The full CSS results can now be found under Training. Scroll down to Monday's Pool Swim, and click on the CSS link.

You can compare your 400 and 200 times from March, April and May, along with your CSS results. We are looking for consistent pacing over distance swims, so if your 200m time is half (or close to) your 400m time, then you are doing very well Smile !

We will continue to use our CSS time for the next 4 wks of training, and will now be working on speed using overload sets! Bring a drink and a watch - this is going to hurt Twisted Evil !

You can choose which CSS time you use as I am aware that many of you had 'off-days', or were recovering from running marathons, or just having eaten tea etc! I have roughly divided up lanes - note CSS times for each lane - you should sign up in the correct lane for your CSS time.

I am considering going back to T20s (or T15) in future as I think they are much easier for everyone to understand. If you have any thoughts on either CSS or T20s then I'd be happy to hear them (e:mail karengutans@orange.net).



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