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Post  andy evans1 on Mon May 13, 2013 7:05 am


I just wanted to thank all the helpers we had Saturday and Sunday, for this years EVT, especially those who did both days or all day Sunday. There are a few individuals that I have relied on, perhaps too much, who I couldn't have done without. They have worked tirelessly and thanklessly most of the weekend without complaint. Some of them were even able to race. I know I certainly didnt have the energy for that. I have asked a lot of certain people and they have my deepest gratitude, a big thank you to those people.

I have had some lovely e-mails already from competitors who loved the race and have mentioned the quality of the marshalling. I have had more than one person say how friendly and encouraging you were. Remember that many of those people are first timers to whom it all seems very intimidating,including one very nervous 80 year old Novice, yet you have managed to make them feel they belonged in the sport of triathlon. There aren't may sports where that would happen.

It is you, the marshalls, who are the face of Exeter Triathlon Club out there on the course. You are a credit to the club. Well done. We on the Committee are proud of you all..

Thanks everyone.

Andy Evans

PS Can anyone who can help out in 2014 on either Saturday or Sunday let me know. We are taking bookings for marshall points for next year, altough the Black Cat turn point is already fully booked by Rob Libby and Charley Sumner.

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