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MM Changing Rooms

Post  karen on Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:45 am

I have just received this message from MM and am passing it on as requested. Please could you all ensure the changing rooms are left in a clean condition. Pop any rubbish into the bin, and mop any surface water into the drain. Thanks. Karen

'Ladies & Gents,

You are receiving this message as the representative for your group that uses the pool at Middlemoor

Yet again I am having to send everyone an e-mail on cleanliness of the changing rooms

There is a mop, bucket and squeegee for everyone to use after their swim.  The equipment is there to ensure the changing rooms are left mopped and tidy.  I am still coming across dirty water being left in the bucket,  please empty it after you have mopped and wash the mop in clean water.

The pool is often in use from 0530-2100hrs and we do not employ a cleaner to be here all day.  All supervisors/group leaders should be checking the rooms before and after use so there is no excuse for changing rooms being left wet and dirty.  

As the recipient of this message you must pass it on to all your supervisors, teachers, coaches, swimmers and members.  Your co-operation is essential to help us to maintain a healthy environment for all users of the facilities
Best regards
Sammy Spall
Exercise Facilities Manager
Fitness, Exercise & Rehabilitation Unit
Police Headquarters
Middlemoor '

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