DAWLISH AQUATHLON needs volunteers

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DAWLISH AQUATHLON needs volunteers Empty DAWLISH AQUATHLON needs volunteers

Post  Nico on Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:00 pm

Dawlish aquathlon will take place on Sunday 2nd Feb and we need club members to help run the show.
I am looking for volunteers for:
lane counting
run marshals
time keeping and results

It is roughly 8am to 12noon, but if I have enough volunteers I can organise 'part-time' shifts and split the tasks.
First come, first serve.

Contact me at volunteers@exetertri.co.uk

Following aquathlons are:
Sidmouth 9/03
Middlemoor 6/04
Exeter University 11/05

Book your club volunteering duty from now on. We need you!
Thank you for supporting your club.


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