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Post  karen on Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:54 am

N E W !   N E W !   N E W !
Having reached capacity at both Middlemoor (adults) and Northbrook (juniors) I am very pleased to announce TWO ADDITIONAL POOL SESSIONS for members:
Starting from Saturday 8th February, we will have TWO sessions for Juniors. First session starts promptly at 4.30pm; Second session at 5.30pm.
Both sessions will be the same, and members can choose which they wish to attend.
Please register in corridor no later than 4.25pm for first session, 5.25pm for second.
From Wednesday 12th February, starting promptly at 6.15-7.15AM (yes, that’s in the morning – yawn!). Register poolside.
JUNIORS will have 2-3 lanes. ADULTS the remainder.
Juniors should use the Family Changing area ONLY.
Adults should use the Male or Female Changing area only (unless accompanying their child/ren in the Family Changing).
All sessions will be £2.

We have booked a 10 wk block initially. Please USE IT, or LOSE IT!

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